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Jeremy Pothin

Soaking: Intimate atmosphere

Soaking: Intimate atmosphere

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prophetic instrumental music

Soaking: Intimate atmosphere contains 1 hour of instrumental music composed especially to take the time to pray and listen to God.

This product is for download in MP3 format (no physical CD) so you can listen to it at any time.

Testimonial :

  • Listening to this music, I had a beautiful time with Jesus. As I lived from the shame of having made mistakes in the past, I had distanced myself from him! The verses you have shared at the beginning touched me deeply! I had a beautiful discussion with Jesus! Afterwards, He said : You you have remained in desolation long enough, now arise and walk in the victory of your King. I took Her hand and we started walking together. I asked where we were going and I heard: In the revelations... " Véronique

  • Thank you for your words at the beginning in this praise, I cried, the tears flowed without me being sad! I found peace, joy, rejuvenated in my heart, I'm going to put it back in curls..." Catherine

Soaking Atmosphere of intimacy will accompany your times of prayer, praise and worship.

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