spiritual warfare

A phrase resonated strongly in my heart regarding the importance of truth in spiritual warfare. I know it is the Holy Spirit speaking to me for each person who will take the time to read this book:

The enemy is ready to lose battles to make believe that the lie we believe in is the truth ”.

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Nocturnal parables

Overnight, the lives of Abraham, Jacob, Solomon and so many others were radically changed by a dream from God.

God desires to speak to you through dreams and give you the ability to interpret them.

Get ready to have supernatural appointments with God during your nights!

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In his podcasts, Jérémy explains to us how to live and grow in the life of the Spirit. He gives us some practical tools and advice for a victorious Christian life...

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    The Holy Spirit desires to lead us to fully live out the divine promises.

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    We are called to live a victorious Christian life.


    The supernatural life of the kingdom of God is part of our hopeful future.