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Jeremy Pothin

Nocturnal parables | Book

Nocturnal parables | Book

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How to interpret dreams according to the word of God?

The book "Paraboles nocturnes" by Jérémy Pothin was written in order to provide an answer to this important question for our spiritual growth.

The glory of God is to hide things ; the glory of kings is to examine things. Proverb 25.2

In one night, the lives of Abraham, Jacob, Solomon and so many others were radically changed by a dream sent by God. God desires to speak to you through dreams and give you the ability to interpret them!

This book will help you:

  1. restore the culture of dreaming in your life
  2. understand the language of God in your dreams
  3. understand God's intentions in dreams
  4. interpret your dreams

Nocturnal parables - Jérémy Pothin

  1. Restoring the culture of dreams
  2. Be a good performer
  3. categories of dreams
  4. How to interpret dreams?
  5. Symbolism in the interpretation of dreams
  6. Numbers in the interpretation of dreams
  7. Colors in the interpretation of dreams
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