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Jeremy Pothin

Soaking: Atmosphere of dreams

Soaking: Atmosphere of dreams

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prophetic instrumental music

Soaking: Atmosphere of dreams contains 3 hours of instrumental music composed especially to take the time to pray and listen to God. This music  will accompany your times of prayer, praise, adoration and sleeping in peace.

This product is for download in MP3 format (no physical CD) so you can listen to it at any time.

This prophetic instrumental music is inspired for your times of prayer in the morning, during the day or before sleeping so that the presence of the Holy Spirit descends on you and fills you with a sweet and deep supernatural peace!

The presence of the Holy Spirit wants to descend upon us and fill us with supernatural peace as we prepare to fall asleep. So let's close our eyes, pray and declare the Word of God so that our night may be peaceful...

Testimony Soaking Atmosphere of dreams:

  • Very nice music, I fall asleep very often with it, thank you! Elodie

  • After listening to this music last night, I had a dream from God... Frédérique
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