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Jeremy Pothin

Copy of Healing Challenge | Book + ebook (PDF)

Copy of Healing Challenge | Book + ebook (PDF)

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21 days to see your first healings

Fear, ignorance and discouragement paralyze God's children and prevent them from obeying Jesus' command: “ Go and heal the sick ” (Luke 10:9). Yet most Christians yearn to see healings.

Because of this, the Healing Challenge was born and is a practical and biblical training that accompanies you to see your first healings. The 21 Practical Video Teachings therefore challenge you to put your faith into action.

Learn how:
- Lay hands on effectively by cooperating with the Holy Spirit
- Increase the results of your prayers with a simple approach
- Practice the word of knowledge successfully
- See creative miracles and exercise the authority Jesus has given you
- Free those who suffer by casting out the spirits of affliction

So many diseases healed in the name of Jesus the first 6 months by the participants of the Healing Challenge. More than 10,000 people from 70 countries have already taken part in the Cure Challenge.

Healing Challenge - David Théry and Jérémy Pothin

  1. Go ahead !
  2. I am the temple of the Holy Spirit
  3. He put everything under his feet
  4. exercise your authority
  5. Rest in God's Rest
  6. God's will for healing
  7. Have faith in God
  8. Healing is under his wings
  9. The Power of the Statement
  10. The word of knowledge
  11. Forgiveness and Healing
  12. Chasing away the spirits of affliction
  13. anointing of miracles
  14. When symptoms return
  15. stand firm
  16. fast for more
  17. Communicate Peace
  18. Free from curses
  19. protect your heart
  20. make disciples
  21. Come on !

Book prefaced by Carlos Payan.

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