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Jérémy Pothin

Spiritual warfare | E-book

Spiritual warfare | E-book

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Discover the 25 Most Important Truths About Spiritual Warfare

Before writing this book, a phrase resonated strongly in my heart regarding the importance of truth in spiritual warfare. I know it is the Holy Spirit speaking to me for each person who will take the time to read this book:

The enemy is ready to lose battles to make believe that the lie we believe in is the truth ”.

Some truths in this book were learned by challenging and questioning what I had been taught in my early years as a Christian. My desire has always been to be close to biblical truth, deeply rooted in it, in an active search for a greater life of the Spirit.

Growing up in an environment where my family practiced the occult, I quickly understood that the only way for me to be hidden in Jesus Christ was to live what the word of God proclaims.

So I am not telling you principles that are specific to me on spiritual warfare, but I am sharing biblical truths here. It was these solid, proven Bible truths that led me to walk the path of a victorious Christian life.

I wish to share with you, in all humility, through this book, all these spiritual principles which will lead you, in your turn, to no longer submit to your Christian life but to seize it in order to live a life full of life and life in abundance. , as Jesus promises us.

Spiritual warfare - Jérémy Pothin

Truth #1: Spiritual Warfare Exists in the Bible
Truth #2: Satan no longer has authority
Truth #3: The Devil's Strategy
Truth #4: Strongholds
Truth #5: Wearing Christian Armor
Truth #6: The Importance of Christian Armor
Truth #7: The Belt of Truth
Truth #8: The Breastplate of Justice
Truth #9: The Peace Shoes
Truth #10: The Shield of Faith
Truth #11: The Helmet of Salvation
Truth #12: The Sword of the Spirit
Truth #13: The Three Heavens
Truth #14: The limits of our authority
Truth #15: The power of reporting
Truth #16: Protect yourself from demonic attacks
Truth #17: Don't Underestimate Demonic Opposition
Truth #18: Physically feeling a supernatural encounter
Truth #19: Witchcraft in the Church
Truth #20: Discern the spirit of Jezebel
Truth #21: Discernment of Spirits
Truth #22: Binding and Loosening
Truth #23: The Organization of the Powers of Darkness
Truth #24: Spiritual Atmospheres
Truth #25: Fighting the Powers of Darkness

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