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I dreamed that I was naked

I dreamed that I was naked

Have you ever had a dream where you were naked? There is a feeling of embarrassment, fear, shame... And if we pay close attention to this type of dream, as a general rule, the people in these dreams are not bothered by our nudity... If this type dream can come from God, so what can it mean?

Nakedness in dreams can mean several things and depending on the context and action of the dream, it can be positive or negative. I would like to see with you what this can mean in general.

The man and his wife were both naked, and they were not ashamed of it.
Genesis 2:25

They realized they were naked. They tied fig leaves together and made themselves girdles…the Lord God called the man and said, “Where are you?” He replied, “I heard your voice in the garden and I was afraid, because I was naked. So I hid."
Genesis 3:7; 9-10

The first thing to say is that God has no problem with nakedness, it is sin that has come to bring shame on this subject. So God can give us a dream where we are completely naked!

So what can that mean?

To be naked is to have nothing to hide, to cover, and even to disguise… Dreaming of being naked generally refers to the notion of openness, transparency and authenticity without shame or fear .

What should we understand from our dream then in relation to where we were? About the people around us?

To better understand it, I invite you to watch the video video below which deals with this subject.

I dreamed that I was naked
dreamed of nudity, dreamed naked, dreamed of being completely naked

Light excerpt from the book Paraboles nocturnes .
Jeremy Pothin

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